Essential oils for your kiddos & how they can make your life easier!

Essential oils are a part of my daily routine! However recently all of our routines have most likely changed drastically! Many of you, like myself, are probably home now with your kiddos every day and you’ve suddenly had to become more creative, patient, more of a multitasker, more optimistic, and a home school teacher! Which of course is actually a blessing as long as everyone stays healthy!

Young Living has developed a safe, effective and pure alternative to commercial products that are specifically designed for our kiddos! There’s an oil blend for sleep, concentration at homework time, when they get hurt or even when they are feeling under the weather! We go through Sleepylze and GeneYus pretty quickly in our home;)

Check out the different KidScense oil blends and how they can help your kiddo…. and you:)

Diffuse this bad boy during homework time or lessons to help them with concentration!
This blend helps with clarity, creativity, and alertness! Apply 2-4 drops topically or add a few drops to their diffuser!
Carry this little baby in your purse so you
always have it on hand for your kids’
owies (hence the name)! Apply 2–4 drops
of this cooling oil to area as needed using a roller bottle.
When they don’t sleep…. we don’t either!:) Add 2–4 drops at bath time, spray onto their pillow at bed time or apply directly to the bottom of their feet to help create a relaxing, peaceful environment and deeper sleep!

When the sniffles and stuffy noses happen diffuse this oil blend or rub directly onto their chest for a natural, soothing decongestant!
For when the tummy aches arrive! Put a few drops of this calming, relaxing blend directly on their stomach to help with discomfort!

***Young Living recommends these for ages 2-12!

If you have any questions about Young Living essential oils or would like more information, reach out to me below!

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