I finally found products that grow my hair!

I’ve never been so happy that I finally found something that actually grows my hair!!! We all have some kind of concern or something we wish we could change about our hair. Perhaps its damage, dryness, breakage, thinning…. whatever your hair concerns are, Monat has a hair care system for it! My biggest concern was thinning! I was about to get married and my hair had gotten so incredibly thin, I couldn’t even wear it up in a pony tail without my scalp showing. I didn’t have enough hair to even style it for the wedding! It was humiliating and I was starting to get very concerned on how much worse it would get and how quickly! I tried so many different products, treatments, vitamins, you name it…..nothing worked! I ended up investing a ton of money on hair extensions just for the wedding, had I only known the Monat hair products were what I needed….I would have started using them LONG AGO!

As you can see my problem areas were by my temples, but my hair was thinning all over! Even the same day that I would wash it, it would look thin, greasy and unhealthy! As you can see in the before and after, once I started using Monat my hair became thicker, it was growing faster, filling out more, shinier and most importantly…healthier within just the first month!

Check out some of these amazing results from other fellow Monat users…..

Why is Monat different? Monat hair products actually strip down and remove the layers of buildup on your hair from traditional products and environmental pollutants! This allows the nutrients and healing ingredients to actually penetrate all the layers of your hair follicles, healing it from the inside out! Monat’s hair and skin care products are completely natural and are the only in it’s industry that actually reverse signs of aging and damage!

Take the Monat hair quiz to see which products are best for YOUR particular hair type and hair concerns! To take the hair quiz click here and click on “hair quiz” at the top toolbar!

The Monat products cannot be purchased in any stores! If you’re interested in ordering them for yourself or have ANY questions that I can answer for you, message me below and I’d be happy to help!

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