Who is this?

Who is writing and why should you care what I have to say? My name is Alicia and first & foremost, I’d like to thank you for checking out Oily! I bet you’re wondering why “Oily?” Don’t worry you’re not the only one;) I share a lot about natural remedies & essential oil uses & benefits on here. In fact, I use oils for so many things in my day to day life that my daughter once asked me why I’m so “Oily”…. I laughed so hard that the name just stuck with me….voila – then came Oily! I’m here to be completely transparent with you not just about essential oils, but on everything I have come to learn related to the following topics: Health, Wellness, Beauty, Fitness, Parenthood, Work from Home Tools & Resources, Starting Your Own Business and more! We all have a desire to improve something in our lives and live the best life we can! In addition, we also share many of the same fears, struggles, doubts, setbacks, negatives thoughts and more that hold us back! So why not help each other!? If I can help improve or change even ONE THING in your life or your families’ for the better- then I have done what I’ve set out to do:) I want to provide any knowledge and information on products, programs or companies that I think can also help you and your loved ones based on my own personal experience! There are so many people I have learned from and am so grateful that they took the time to share information or their experiences on something. Life is hard enough as it is….why not make it easier and learn from one another. I believe we are stronger when we help and support one another! Remember.. You Are Beautiful!