This can give you healthier looking skin!

Frankincense essential oil is absolutely fantastic for your skin!  When I first tried it out, my little one asked while watching me in the bathroom mirror, “what’s that?” as I rubbed it on my face. “Frankincense essential oil,” I responded. After a long pause it was impossible to not laugh at the obvious confusion she couldn’t hide on her face, it was clear the Frankenstein costumes from Halloween were flooding her mind:)


Frankincense can….promote the appearance of healthy-looking skin & help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones!

*Apply Frankincense directly to your problem areas on your face or for more sensitive skin you can dilute it by adding to your moisturizer to promote healthy-looking skin and even out skin tones.

*Diffuse it during your yoga routine to promote feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

Did you know this nifty little oil was actually considered a holy oil in the Middle East used for religious ceremonies and was written about in the bible!?

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