Roll that neck “PanAway”

Panaway is my all time favorite for sore back or neck pains. My husband loves this one:) One day after a long day at work he came home with a kinked neck. So my response of course…..”I have an oil for that!” My skeptical husband appeased me and let me rub it on his neck, his first response was… “oh wow, that really does help!”

I like to use it in a roller bottle for easier application on my neck and mix with lavendar for some extra relaxation:) You can also mix with a carrier oil for a nice rub to use on your back. I mix:

3391~5 drops Panaway

~3 drops Lavendar

*I dilute this amount with my coconut oil in a glass 10ml roller bottle. I always recommend starting small with the number of drops to see how your skin agrees with it and then you can increase the amount if wanted.

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