One essential oil…so many uses!

This is why lavender will end up being one of your most used essential oils and how you’ll want to incorporate it into your everyday life!

*It takes 27 square ft of Lavender to make just one 15ml bottle of Lavender essential oil! 

*This oil was used over 2,500 years ago in Ancient Egyptian times during the mummification process! 

*It was also used in the medieval times to freshen the scent of clothes and bed linens, back when bathing wasn’t a common practice. 

What can this lovely lavender do for you? 

  • Cleanse and soothe minor skin irritations.
  • Helps support aging skin.
  • Help reduce appearance of blemishes.
  • Create a calming effect to help clear the mind and relax the body.
  • Use the beautiful lavender scent on your dryer sheets or create a linen spray for your sheets and pillows!

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