Save money with these DIY essential oil candles!

If you’re spending tons of money on candles for your home or need some gift ideas, these DIY essential oil candles are a perfect solution! These are all natural ingredients, affordable and are super easy to make! Plus with all the different essential oils to choose from at Young Living, the fragrances you can create in these candles are endless! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, give her a handmade product she’ll actually use;)

I buy the wax and wicks directly on Amazon and it’s very reasonable, but Michaels, Joann’s, even your local thrift stores are also great for the container options…get creative;)


Essential oils

Soy Wax(I recommend soy over paraffin, it burns longer, it’s derived from vegetables unlike paraffin which is a refined gasoline by-product, purchasing soy also supports our farmers and it releases fragrances easier).


Container for candles

Glass measuring cup with spout

Pot to melt wax


1.) Prep your containers! Center the wicks inside the containers. Tape the metal piece at the bottom of the wick to the center of the jar to hold it in place. Place a pencil over the rim of the container. Leave a couple inches of wick and wrap it around the pencil, this will hold the wick in place while the wax dries.

2.) Melt your desired amount of  wax (4 cups of wax flakes makes approximately 2 cups melted wax) in a glass measuring cup with a spout for easier pouring. Put the measuring cup in a pot of water for a double boiling method or directly in the microwave!

3.) Fill the jar about halfway with wax, put 4-5 drops of essential oils in and stir. Fill the wax to the top of the jar and stir again. Let dry!

4.) Once the wax is dry carefully remove the pencil and trim the wick to about an inch.

*To add color to your candles purchase dye chips or liquid dyes for lighter, pastel shades and die blocks for darker, more vibrant results in soy! 

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