Make the switch to this safe, completely natural insect repellent!

Make the switch to this safe, completely natural insect repellent and make your home safer for your pets and family! When I first moved into the house I bought, I had a bit of an insect problem in the basement….ok who am I kidding it was A HUGE PROBLEM! Especially because this particular species of insect is, in my opinion, one of the most revolting…. CENTIPEDES!!!

I was vacuuming nearly every day to try and keep up with them but they were everywhere and spreading fast! I swear they were duplicating every day, it was getting worse and fast! I didn’t know what to do any longer because I hated to use these super toxic bug bombs or harsh chemical sprays in the house because I have a little one and pets!

After reading MANY articles all about these nasty things and how to get rid of them, I FINALLY found one that had recommended this handy essential oil that they swore by! I mixed up a bottle of this and sprayed it around the perimeter of my basement and thoroughly all over the carpet.  I now do this every year usually once or twice a year, the first time always in early spring.

This is my 3rd year in my house and I am extremely happy to report that I haven’t seen a centipede in my basement in the last two years!!!! 

I even used this camping last summer as tick and mosquito repellent and it worked! I didn’t get one tick and wasn’t getting eaten alive by mosquitos…..and completely deet free;)

What is this little miracle oil?…..


TEA TREE essential oil! I mix about 20 drops of this with water in a glass spray bottle to use around my home. I have a smaller bottle that I take with me camping that’s about 10-15 drops.

**Quick tip: many of these unwanted little critters in our home also hate peppermint essential oil!! 

Order your essential oils now and replace those harsh chemicals in your home!

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