Try out a sample of Lavender essential oil absolutely FREE!

  • increases sleep quality
  • promotes hair growth
  • reduces anxiety
  • minimizes menstrual symptoms
  • heals minor wounds
  • nourishes skin
  • fights against acne
  • minimizes sun spots
  • fights against dandruff
  • helps treat cold sores
  • works as a lice treatment
  • helps relieve sunburns

The uses and benefits of lavender essential oils are ENDLESS!!! Here’s how you can get your very own sample FREE!

I know I never would have fallen in love with Young Living essential oils if I hadn’t finally just TRIED IT! My girlfriends were always talking about essential oils, their benefits, uses, DIY remedies, their favorite oils and why I needed to sign up for Young Living….but all this still wasn’t enough. Not that I didn’t believe them or appreciate their advice, but until you actually try something out for yourself do you finally understand! Then you just wish you’d done it earlier;)

This is why I’ve decided to give out FREE samples of one of the most loved and commonly used essential oils- Lavender! I believe in the benefits of these oils and what they can do for you and your family so much…. that I am offering a handful of winners a sample absolutely FREE!

I will announce the winner on June 1st!

5 thoughts on “Try out a sample of Lavender essential oil absolutely FREE!

  1. CONGRATS Barbara Burnett! You’re this month’s winner for a free sample of lavender essential oil! Send me a message to so I can get your address securely:) Don’t worry if you didn’t win this month! I will be sending a free sample of essential oil out each month! Stay posted for the next winner on July 1st:): Thanks so much for signing up ladies.

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