Diagnosed with cancer at 24, they made it their mission to share this with the world!

“We’re on a mission to improve people’s health with the power of super plants!” Michael & Kristel

After trying YourSuper I noticed I had more natural energy throughout the day without relying on coffee and my skin was getting clearer each day!

This couple’s story is what inspired me to give YourSuper a try! Both Michael and Kristel were incredible athletes! They were young, healthy and happy……when a huge curveball was thrown at them! Michael was diagnosed with cancer at only 24! Kristel, having a mom that had also had cancer when she was 12, was determined to stay positive!

She started filling her cabinets of bags of maca, wheatgrass, barley grass, chia seeds, spirulina, lucuma, flax seeds- as many vitamins and minerals she could get her hands on to help Michael build his immune system! She created 7 unique mixes, specific to a health benefits.

They decided to share these superfoods and information with the world!

MY FAVORITE PART: they’re also fighting against hunger!

For every mix sold, they donate one packet of life-saving food to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition through their partnership with Action Against Hunger.

We can all do a small part in saving the world!

They have a super food formula for every goal: Focus, Healthy Weight, Energy, Immunity, Healthy Skin, Muscle Building & even Good Mood!

What does your body need? Try your YourSuper and see what it does to your body: order yours here!

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