Get in the holiday spirit with 22 days of diffuser blends!

What makes your home warm and cozy during the holidays? Everyone’s tradition is unique, which is what makes it so wonderful. For our family it’s putting up the tree, cookie decorating, hanging Christmas lights, hiding the Elf and watching Home Alone:)

I used to always light candles to make my home cozier during the holidays. During Thanksgiving of course it’s everything pumpkin to pecan pie! In the winter months I’d fill the house with cinnamon and sugar cookie scented candles!

However, candles cost money! They’re a fire hazard and some even have harmful pollutants! As an alternative our family now uses Young Living essential oil blends in our diffusers!

Every day from now until Christmas, I’ll be sharing with you a new diffuser blend to try in your home this holiday season! Enjoy!

If you still haven’t tried essential oils in your home, message me and I’d be happy to help you get started!

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