12 tips to help you hit your health & fitness goals this year!

New Years is coming up fast! A healthier and stronger you is within your reach this year! The only thing standing in your way is you! Here’s a few tips that can help you stay on track….

1.Write it down! Put all your reasons you need to hit your health and fitness goals this on a piece of paper. Then put the list somewhere visible for you and your family to see every day, it will help you feel more accountable!

2. Start with a cleanse! Start the year off with a full body cleanse and give your body the fresh start it needs! You’ll feel amazing and energized afterwards! I recommend YourSuper!

3.Get some extra energy! Try the health and wellness product that millions are raving about (including myself)! The very first thing I noticed immediately when I started Thrive was the boost in energy it gave me!

4. Add a little flavor! I like to treat myself to a new water bottle that I love and add some flavor to my water to help hit those daily intake goals! Instead of using produce that I constantly have to toss when it goes bad, I use pure Vitality Essential Oils from Young Living! My favorites are lemon, lime and orange!

5.Get support! Make a fun challenge between you and your hubby to look forward to together! Pick some buddies to attend classes monthly with or hit the gym! Join a local class to find many others just like you with the same fitness interests and maybe make some new friends in the process:)

6. Clean sweep! Go through your kitchen and get rid of all temptation! Clean out your closet and your car! You’ll be amazed how great it feels and gives you a fresh start!

7. Meal plan! I love doing this on Sundays to prepare for my entire week and help me stay on course! It’s when I’m not prepared that I break and go off course from my meal plan!

8. Plan to fail! This one sounds weird I know, but if you prepare for the days that don’t always go “as planned” it’ll help you stay on track! Keep your car, purse and fridge filled with ready to grab healthy snacks! Know what to substitute when you spontaneously go out or attend parties/holiday get togethers!

9. Give yourself a break! Remember, EVERYONE BREAKS! So when you miss a workout, or have a donut, or share a pizza with friends, ITS OK! You’re human:) The important thing is that you just start again the next day and don’t make a habit out of it! The guilt and shame you put yourself through over it will just make you shame eat and get even more off track!

10. Set small goals! Set yourself small, attainable goals! When you reach them- be sure to reward yourself for it! Write them down and put them somewhere you can see! You’ll feel so accomplished after meeting each of your goals it will help energize you to keep going! Maybe it’s a new outfit, a night out with your friends, a weekend getaway with your hubby!

11. Keep yourself guessing! Download an app (I personally love the Tone It Up App) or take classes that will keep you guessing every day with a different workout- so you don’t get bored and quit!

12. Feel sexy! When we look good- we feel good! Get yourself a couple of new workout outfits to start off the new year that make you feel sexy and want to get your butt moving! I am obsessed with Fabletics! You can get 2 pairs of leggings for $24! Their clothes are super comfortable, durable material and flattering for all body types!

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Here are just a few examples of the items on sale……

I hope at least one thing on this list will help you hit your health and wellness goals this year! Don’t ever forget- you are beautiful!;)

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