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Happy April! I hope everyone is playing some nice, healthy April fools jokes on your loved ones today;) I try to get a little more creative each year… the rubber band around the sink, bubble wrap underneath the rugs, saran wrapping the toilet seat….you know things like that. However I’m a little scared this year because as my pranks get slightly better each year so does my payback….it seems they always come back to me times 3! So happy pranking;)

As some of you know I like to do a SAMPLE GIVEAWAY at the beginning of each month! I like to send out product samples from some of my all time favorite companies that I use regularly… Young Living for their all natural cleaning products & pure, super concentrated essential oils, Super Foods mixes to help us fill those nutritional gaps each day that our bodies need, Thrive supplements to help us get those booties moving and hit our health/fitness goals and the all natural, anti-aging hair & skin care products by Monat!

Monat is the only hair care line that I’ve found that actually promotes hair growth and reverses signs of aging and damage to our hair from the inside out! Check out some of these beautiful results below from other Monat users….

This month I am giving away an entire at home spa kit of Monat samples: Revive Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, Replenish Masque and Rejuvenique Oil (also known as the liquid gold by Monat users);) I’ll announce 3 winners on Sunday Sample day (April 5th on Oily Facebook page)!

This month’s sample winners will get…..

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