Wake Up!!!

Good morning! I’m feeling extra chipper this morning:) Oh you’d like to know why? Don’t worry I’m not here to just tell you I’m feeling chipper, why do you care right? Lucky for you I’m actually here to share with you why and how you can get it! I had a little help this morning (and I’m not referring to a 4th cup of coffee)! If you’re like me you can probably agree Mondays always seem to be the hardest day to get your a** moving!! Well I recently received my new Young Living order and I’m SO EXCITED! Why is it even as adults getting a package in the mail makes us feel like a kid at Christmas:) I couldn’t wait to open it, I literally stopped cooking dinner, dropped everything I was doing to tear it open and just smell each one of my new oils:) Then of course the difficult decision of which one to use first!? On this particularly sluggish morning, I am really enjoying my new Awaken!! Not only am I diffusing it in the living room but I also started my day out by using my roller and rubbing some on the back of my neck for a little pick me up! I’m on my 3rd load of laundry, finished dishes from last night, gotten through weekend emails and worked out! Not to mention that it smells freaking amazing!

You gotta try it!

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