When they don’t sleep…nobody does

Today’s new roller blend…..IMMUNE SUPPORT! The first sound of little pattering steps across the creaking floor was around 9:00. Of course somehow you’re already awake the second you hear that first little footstep hit the floor, just awaiting what’s next to come. For us it’s usually our bedroom door slowly opening, creaking as it widens, in an attempt to enter quietly for some odd reason because what inevitably follows makes the “sneaking in” completely pointless. At the very first sign of light shining into the bedroom and the door ending in a slam against the wall, the dog immediately goes ballistic. Of course waking up in a complete panic jumping off the bed to ward off any terrifying intruders. Well this particular 4 foot intruder couldn’t sleep because of a new cough she developed yesterday, which of course is always worse at night. By the 3:00 entry, the dog had hid under the bed at this point, my husband began getting ready for work an hour early, and I just headed straight for the coffee pot. I could confidently say everyone in the house was up for the day. After rubbing some Raven on her chest and diffusing it in all the rooms in the house, I then started blending my immune support potion…..

-10 drops Frankincense

-20 drops Lemon

-15 drops Peppermint

-15 drops Thieves



I diluted in my roller with fractionated coconut oil and have been basically bathing myself in it all day:)


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