Why you’ll want to incorporate these essential oils into your yoga practice!

Here are just a few of the essential oils from Young Living that are great to incorporate into your yoga practice!  It’s no question why yoga has become such a common and loved practice around the world. From improving flexibility, balance, strength, to reducing pain levels and increasing energy, the benefits of yoga are endless! Check out a few different ways these oils can help enhance your yoga routine!

Tea Tree Oil– makes a great for a yoga mat spray! It has antibacterial properties and is great at fighting against smelly odors. Add 4-5 drops in a small glass spray bottle and mix with water and witch hazel. Spray on your mat and wipe off with a damp cloth!


Lavender– is great to diffuse during your practice or can also be used as a great mat spray! It has balancing properties to help calm the mind and release anxiety and tension. In addition to it’s relaxing aroma, it even contains antibacterial components.


Frankincense– promotes feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Add a few drops to your diffuser during your meditation or yoga to create a more grounding, spiritual experience.


Awaken– is a fantastic blend of oils that’s great to diffuse during your practice or apply directly to your neck or wrists in a roller! It can help promote awareness and start your day with positive, limitless potential!


Eucalyptus– comes from the leaves of the evergreen tree and has a refreshing and stimulating aroma. On days you’re feeling a bit sluggish, diffuse this during your practice! This will help awaken your senses and create a more energized environment!


Orange– can create a sense of peace and harmony. This can also create a warming environment by diffusing on those chilly winter days.


Peppermint- promotes a more focused and energizing environment! Apply it to your chest before your yoga practice for an added boost of energy or add a few drops in your diffuser for a more focused practice!


If you’re interested in ordering your essential oils, reach out to me below on how to get started!

If you haven’t tried yoga yet or are new to the practice, I’d highly recommend trying this beginning yoga video! You will be surprised how energized, flexible and strong it will make you feel!

Interested in essential oils and their uses? Message me below to learn more!

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