Try this DIY Ocean Mist body spray!

Try this DIY Ocean Mist body spray! I personally am not a huge fan of perfumes. For some reason whenever I’ve tried them, even if I put on the smallest “spritz” I can smell it literally ALL DAY and it’s so overwhelming.

You’ve all been there…. when you walk by someone in the store or have to stand near them for a long period of time and inside you’re screaming,WHOAA take it easy on the perfume lady” as you gasp for air in the other direction!

Not to mention the numerous toxic ingredients they contain that we’re spraying directly onto our bodies; acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, camphor, ethanol, ethyl acetate, and the list goes on!

So I decided to try this combination of essential oils for a body spray and absolutely loved it! The best part… doesn’t make me nearly pass out from the strong overwhelming aroma! Who doesn’t want to smell like the beach? 😉

In a 10 ml glass spray bottle combine….

  • 10 drops lavender
  • 10 drops rosemary
  • 10 drops peppermint

**fill about 1/4 of the bottle with witch hazel and the rest with water

*You can also try this combo in your diffuser or mix with your fractionated coconut oil and use as a roller blend!  

A couple other combinations to try are:

  • 10 drops rose
  • 10 drops lavender
  • 10 drops orange


  • 10 drops ylang ylang
  • 10 drops lavender
  • 10 drops lime

If you’d like to order essential oils or would like more information on them, send me a message below!

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