Feeling stressed out? Get “Copaiba Calm”

Calm your nerves and relax with Copaiba essential oil!

Copaiba…..pronounced (koh-pey-buh) — trust me you’re not alone if you’ve been pronouncing it wrong too;)

  • distilled from the gum resin from the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree in the Amazon
  • commonly used in many soaps, lotions and perfumes
  • creates a warm, calming environment when you diffuse
  • reduces appearance of blemishes (use in roller blend with coconut oil)
  • contains naturally occurring beta-caryophyllene (known as BCP) which can help treat anxiety and depression
  • can add a radiant glow to your skin (use in roller blend with coconut oil or mix with water and use as a spray)

Interested in getting Copaiba or other essential oils? Reach out to me below….

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