No more hiding from coldsores!

If you struggle with cold sores or fever blisters, you know how much of a pain and embarrassment it can be. I have tried literally EVERYTHING under the sun for fast healing! Anywhere from natural DIY home remedies, over the counter creams, prescriptions you name it! Well I have finally found something that cut the healing time in half!! Normally a cold sore untreated can last from 8-10 days. Well using these two essential oils healed my cold sore in 2 days!!

Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil

At the first sign of a coldsore, using a clean Q-tip each time you apply, alternate between Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil every few hours until gone. Once it starts to dry up and harden, start alternating in coconut oil to help moisturize and avoid scarring.

Be sure to only try this with pure essential oils from Young Living!!

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