This month’s winner is……

Congratulations to this month’s winner of a FREE lavender essential oil sample! I’ve decided to send out a free sample of a Young Living essential oils on the 1st of each month to help people better understand their amazing benefits and try them out for themselves…..just like I had to do:)

Not until I tried out the Premium Starter Kit did I truly understand what everyone was talking about……and now I couldn’t make it a day without my oils! No joke, I’ve tried and it was not easy;) I have been able to replace nearly all of the medications in my home with all nature essential oils, replaced my cleaning products and many of my everyday household products with chemical free ones, and learned many DIY natural remedies that are safe for my family and have amazing health benefits!

This month’s winner is….

Rebekha Boehles

Follow Oily for next month’s free sample drawing! Spoiler Alert……it’s going to be a different oil that you absolutely HAVE to try out for yourself!

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