Don’t forget these oils this 4th of July!

I’m sure many of you, like me, are packing, shopping, and getting ready for your 4th of July events coming up! Perhaps you’re heading to the cabin, maybe you’re going camping, taking the family boating, spending the day at the beach, or having a barbecue! No matter how you’re spending it… I hope it’s with people you love and that you cherish your time off together:)

I wanted to share with you a few tips on how essential oils can help prepare you for anything this 4th of July! We’re headed up to the lake for the rest of the week and here are 4 essential oils that I will not leave the house without and why!


**this has replaced two of my most commonly used over-the-counter drugs completelyIbuprofen & Prilosec

  • put a few drops in your water for heartburn or to settle an upset stomach
  • mix with fractionated coconut oil in roller blend and apply for headaches
  • use in a lotion or coconut oil to relax and cool fatigue muscles after a long day
  • diffuse for a burst of energy and create a refreshing, invigorating environment

Tea Tree:

  • mix with water and use in glass spray bottle for a fantastic, effective and safe tick repellent
  • apply to any unwanted blemishes that may pop up over the weekend for quick healing
  • diffuse or spray in your tent or camper to keep pesky mosquitos away AND get rid of musty odors


  • apply on feet or diffuse at night for a deeper sleep
  • soothes skin irritations such as bug bites, swimmers itch or poison ivy
  • helps treat and soothe sunburn
  • can help heal cuts and scraps


  • diffuse in your camper or cabin to keep pesky insects away
  • dilute with water and spray for mosquito repellent
  • spray or diffuse in tent, camper, cabin, etc. for a fresh, citrus scent and get rid of musty odors
  • mix with tea tree oil and water for a stronger insect repellent
  • create your own DIY soy candle to use outdoors for insect repellent

I hope you also enjoy these all natural and safe remedies this 4th of July!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday;)

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