FLASH SALE on Premium Starter Kit!!!

WOW check this out you guys! Young Living is offering a sale on the Premium Starter Kit with the Lantern or Dewdrop diffuser! Super jealous!!! I’ve always wanted to order the Lantern diffuser, it’s so pretty! I’m sure there’s a room in my house that doesn’t have a diffuser in it already so what’s one more right;)

Why now is the time to order:

  • School will be starting soon so back to regular bedtimes and a good night’s sleep for the kiddos (lavender).
  • Stress Away oil blend for mama;) lol
  • Immune support for you and the little ones as we get into cold season and around all those germs at school!
  • Natural remedies and replacements for over the counter drugs for when the cold and flu symptoms do hit!
  • Not to mention all the amazing blends and DIY oil products for Fall (more to come on this soon)!
  • Oils that help the kiddos with focus and concentration for homework time!

Starting July 24 at 8:00 am MT until midnight July 26th you get 10% off this fantastic kit!!! They did warn us there are only so many of these discounted kits available so once they’re gone- they’re gone so……DO NOT WAIT;)

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