In addition to coffee, I start my mornings with these 2 essential why!

Happy Monday all! I love to start my Monday mornings with these two essential oils in my diffuser! I love the energizing, refreshing and uplifting aroma it creates which is just what I need to get my butt moving Monday mornings:) Plus check out the additional benefits and uses of these oils below!

Combine 6 drops Citronella and 5 Cedarwood in your diffuser!

Citronella, a relative of Lemongrass, has an uplifting, citrus aroma and is often used in many perfumes and cosmetics! It is also the ingredient in many outdoor products such as candles, sprays and lotions to help keep pesky bugs away!

Try creating your own outdoor citronella candles with this DIY soy candle recipe and use 30-40 drops of citronella oil in the wax! These also make for great gifts for friends and family:)

Cedarwood can create a very warm, relaxing environment with its woodsy aroma. It is also great for promoting healthy, youthful skin and helps create a healthy scalp to promote hair growth!

If you’re like me and struggle with thin hair that never seems to grow, try this DIY hair growth serum with Cedarwood! I spray it on my damp hair every time I get out of the shower:)

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