What a typical day of using essential oils looks like….

Well today went a little like this….

*Wake up with Valor– smells AMAZING, balances energy, increases empowerment and improves mental clarity…to just name a few! Diffused in the living room and bathroom for most of the day, however I love to diffuse AWAKEN in the living room when I work out! It can help release negative thoughts, increase awareness and balance energy!

*Lemon Vitality in my water and here are a couple other of my go to workout combinations and mediation blends- “morning boost routine

*Chest rub for Savannah-our 6 year olds been fighting a cough so I made a chest rub with a few drops of Raven mixed with coconut oil.

*Moisturizer after face wash-combined with a few drops of Tea Tree for clear skin and Frankincense for scarring.

*DIY Headache roller by 2:00pm…

*DIY “Painaway roller for hubby who came home with neck pain

*DIY Bath salts for babe after dinner to help with her cold, promote relaxation and help her congestion….

*Bedtime linen spray– a few drops of Peace & Calming and Lavender mixed with water. I spray on it our sheets and pillows, smells amazing and is very relaxing! Savannah loves getting spray happy with this so luckily it’s not overpowering;)

*Night time diffuser-add a few drops of KidScents SleepyIze in the bedroom diffuser all night which helps to promote a relaxing, deeper sleep and is very calming!

This was just how today went, everyday is different! We’ll see what tomorrow brings:)

Message me below if you’d like more info on essential oils….

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