Try out this essential oil absolutely FREE in this month’s giveaway!

Hey everyone! I am sending out another FREE sample of one of Young Living’s most popular essential oils….LAVENDER! This is one of my absolute favorite essential oils and without a doubt my most used one!

I use it in….

headache roller

linen spray

bath salts

DIY detangler

homemade candles

….just to name a few;) I also diffuse it next to my bed every night for a deeper sleep! Check out these Fitbit results proving a better night’s rest from using this magical oil!

Some more benefits of lavender essential oil are:

  • increases sleep quality
  • promotes hair growth
  • reduces anxiety
  • minimizes menstrual symptoms
  • heals minor wounds
  • nourishes skin
  • fights against acne
  • minimizes sun spots
  • fights against dandruff
  • helps treat cold sores
  • works as a lice treatment
  • helps relieve sunburns

I’ll announce the winner of the FREE sample on on August 5th! Sign up below to try it out for yourself!

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